Legal Case Study

When a major legal firm with global offices requested 1,200 pages of Portuguese legal documentation to be translated into English in just four weeks, our team organised a complete schedule for them in one day.

APT has worked with this particular firm for eight years and they have come to expect an exemplary service from us. Legal documents are difficult to read at the best of times in your own, native language and when translating from foreign language, it becomes a precise science. Quality, confidentiality and speed all had to be guaranteed.

With more than 300,000 words to translate in just 20 working days, we knew that this would need a huge team of translators, editors and project managers.

The first thing that we did was to appoint an overall senior project manager to oversee the whole process, along with support from two other project managers.

A team of specialist legal translators and editors was brought together and daily meetings with the client were scheduled to keep them up-to-date on progress.

The work was completed on time with accurate translations provided as agreed.

We are proud of our long-term relationship with this client and following the completion of this project we continue to produce translation materials for them.

Translation Services for the Legal Profession

Legal Translations

Accuracy matters in the law and at its extreme, grammatical nuances – even in a native language – can make all the difference to a legal case




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