Consumer and Retail Case Study

A leading clothing brand wanted to establish a long-term translation partnership to translate marketing and training material for six European countries. Understanding the brand and company ethos was extremely important.

Working directly with one retailer and sharing a marketing campaign, the client was looking for a translation company that could work alongside both retailer and its own marketing team. The work involved:

Translating all marketing and training literature into six European languages

Understanding the client’s business in each of these European markets to provide an outstanding localisation service

Providing localisation project management services to coordinate with the retailer

Ensuring the translation team translated and localised with the required pitch and tone for the client’s market

A dedicated project manager and desktop publishing team were assigned to work alongside the retailer

We implemented a rigorous selection process for each translator, included in-depth testing of language skills and industry understanding

Implemented a staged approval process with in-country review teams to ensure accuracy and consistency

Regular communication with the retailer to provide consistency

Quality assurance proofreading and page proofing

Successful initial translation and localisation project

An extremely satisfied client

Our translation team continues to help this clothing manufacturer’s European marketing team with all its translation and localisation work, following a successful initial translation project.

Consumer and Retail Translation

Consumer and Retail Translations

APT has produced translations for some of the largest retail names, ranging across all manner of products, from consumer electronics to fashion brands




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